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The Innovation Blog provides an insight into the technology developments and quality standards in football but also highlights how other sports manage technology.

17 June 2019

Showcasing VAR to FIFA’s Member Associations

During the FIFA Congress in Paris and the FIFA Women’s Football Convention, the Football Technology Innovation Department had a full set up VAR station on display for its stakeholders to learn about this technology and, for the brave ones, try themselves as a Video Assistant Referee.

03 June 2019

Football Technology at the FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019™

The final preparations and functionality tests have now been completed, which means that the football technology supporting referees and teams is ready to be used throughout the tournament in France.

20 May 2019

EPTS expert group meets to conclude research phase

Following 4 years of consultation with industry and football stakeholders in which the key challenges were identified and determined, FIFA invited the members of its expert group to present the findings of the validation study of EPTS systems and launch the procedure for systems to be approved under this new Quality Programme.

07 May 2019

Team Analyst Workshop

The decision of the IFAB in March 2018 to allow the use of small handheld devices within the technical area opened a new frontier for football performance analysts.

05 March 2019

How to best quantify football?

More data to describe and analyse football matches provided from a number of sources is available than ever before quantifying every aspect of the game. To counteract new controversies, FIFA aims to help stakeholders better understand some of these key statistics.  

11 February 2019

Sustainability meets football production

As part of the overall objective to improve sustainability in football, the FIFA Quality Programme carried out an industry survey to establish which developments in the life cycle of the ball will help achieve this target.

28 January 2019

Electronic Performance Tracking Systems Validation Study

Football Technology Innovation department at FIFA conducted a research study with Victoria University at the Mini Estadi, in Barcelona

26 November 2018

Behind the scenes: Goal-Line Technology

Two weeks ahead of the FIFA Club World Cup UAE 2018™, we have gone up to roof of the Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium in Al Ain to take a look at the Goal-line Technology cameras.

12 November 2018

ISEA Blog Challenge Winner – Situation Awareness Wearable

In March 2018, the Football Technology Innovation Department attended the International Sport Engineering Association (ISEA) Conference in Brisbane, Australia.

29 October 2018

Sport Engineering Masters Project with Sheffield Hallam University

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