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The Innovation Blog provides an insight into the technology developments and quality standards in football but also highlights how other sports manage technology.

30 April 2018

The Football Turf Round Robin comes to Asia

What is the Round Robin? Why is it needed? And why did FIFA choose to go to Asia?

24 April 2018

Football Industry meets at the Home of FIFA

FIFA invited the football industry to Zurich to share its vision on innovations and technologies in the game of football.

17 April 2018

“Bringing science to the field of play”

FIFA Engaging with Leading Sports Engineers at the 2018 ISEA Conference.

03 April 2018

7 essential measurements to test a FIFA World Cup™ football

Ever wondered how a FIFA World Cup™ football is tested? Find out what the 7 FIFA Quality Programme test measurements are and how a FIFA World Cup™ football obtains the FIFA Quality Pro mark.

19 March 2018

The role of the Analyst

Following approval by the IFAB for the use of small handheld technologies on the bench, FIFA is set to offer all the teams at the 2018 FIFA World Cup™ a technical setup for match analysts and coaching team to interact.

05 March 2018

The future of player data

Christofer Clemens, Head of DFB-Scouting and Match Analysis/Senior National Team at the Deutscher Fußball-Bund e.V., shares his experience with data at the bench at the FIFA Confederations Cup 2017

14 February 2018

Football turf recycling

With the increased awareness for the protection of the environment, waste management and recycling has become a highly discussed topic in many industries. FIFA has committed itself to supporting and improving the awareness of recycling football turf fields once they have reached the end of their lifecycles.

01 February 2018

Innovation Labs in Football

Milan Lab was one of the first centers that invested in sports science in 2002. In light of increased data in sport, many other clubs have followed and very few elite football clubs are without a sports science department or innovation lab today.

16 January 2018

The challenge of offside for VAR

With the introduction of the Video Assistant Referee experiments in 2016, many leagues and competitions, but also technical providers have gained valuable experience in offline and live testing.

16 January 2018

How three sports came together over artificial turf

World Rugby, the Fédération Internationale de Hockey (FIH) and FIFA have had a memorandum of understanding in place for a number of years with the common goal of ensuring high quality artificial turf in their respective sports.