About the IMS standard for wearable tracking devices

Demonstration of wearable technologies

The FIFA Football Technology Innovation Department is working on the standardisation of electronic performance and tracking systems (EPTS) and thereby looking to provide guidance to football’s stakeholders in regard to the use of EPTS in competitive matches.

The Laws of the Game 17/18 were updated to account for the use of EPTS (Law 4) and introduced the minimum standard that should be met by any wearable tracking system that is to be used in match. Any such device must meet the IMS standard as set out in the FIFA Quality Programme for Wearable Electronic Performance and Tracking Systems.

In order to obtain the IMS mark and be listed as an approved wearable technology, each system must be tested by an accredited independent test institute. The testing is only open to wearable EPTS devices and approval of the hardware does not constitute any assessment of the quality of output data generated by the devices. Any device must be tested by 1 June 2018 in order to be eligible for use in official competitions thereafter.

Further testing will be introduced around the performance of EPTS, which will include wearables as well as non-invasive performance tracking systems (e.g. optical). This standard will be a performance standard and will not constitute a formal requirement by The IFAB.