FIFA Quality Performance Reports for EPTS

As a result of an extensive research and consultation period FIFA has developed a Quality Programme for Electronic Performance Tracking Systems (EPTS)

This programme has been developed as a method to quantify the accuracies of the various systems available. As with the other Quality Programmes, the aim is neither to promote specific products nor to interfere in the market and block innovation, but to describe EPTS in a technical way that are best suited for use in football. This programme will be iteratively improved and developed based on data driven decisions in order to increase the quality of the output data over time. Below you will find the FIFA Quality Performance Test Reports for the certified systems:

Catapult - S5 (GPS)

Catapult - Vector (GPS)

Catapult - Vector (LPS)

ChyronHego - TRACAB Gen5 (OTS)

Fitogether - OhCoach Cell B (GPS)

STATSports - Apex (GPS)