FIFA Quality Performance Reports for EPTS

Performance reports will be listed online for those companies that choose to become a licensee and test their system to the FIFA Quality Performance standard. As with the other Quality Programmes, the aim is neither to promote specific products nor to interfere in the market and block innovation, but to provide the market with the most accurate information about EPTS devices.

By listing the test reports, conducted by an independent test institute according to the test criteria outlined <here>, this gives the viewer a comparable view of how devices performed according to the test protocol. The Programme intends to aid the development of EPTS systems, focusing on data-driven decisions in order to increase the quality of the output data over time.

Please find below a list of the current FIFA Quality Performance test reports for those certified systems:

Catapult - S5 (GPS)

Catapult - Vector (GPS)

Catapult - Vector (LPS)

ChyronHego - TRACAB Gen5 (OTS)

Fitogether - OhCoach Cell B (GPS)

RealTrack - WIMU PRO (GPS)

RealTrack - WIMU PRO (LPS)

STATSports - Apex (GPS)

Track160 - Coach160 (OTS)