Annual FIFA field test for football turf to take place in October

The FIFA Quality Programme for Football Turf relies on the expertise of qualified test institutes to perform the tests of all football turf fields that are looking to obtain FIFA recommended certification. In order to guarantee a high quality of testing as well as good reproducibility between FIFA accredited test institutes, FIFA carries out a so-called round robin every year to ensure that all participating laboratories meet the requirements set by the programme.

The round robin is carried out on two football turf fields which are tested by all participating labs according to the current handbook of test methods: all FIFA accredited test institutes must participate in order to renew their accreditation but the process is equally open to any applicant interested in obtaining FIFA accreditation for the testing of football turf fields.

The next field test round robin is set to take place from 9-12 October 2012 in Paris, France. Any test institute interested in joining the process can contact for further information and registration.

All further details on the round robin and the application process for test institutes can be found in the document 'Application as FIFA-accredited Test Institute'.