FIFA and UEFA announce collaboration on artificial turf

Referring to the common presentation held on November 2 during the Turf Summit in Berlin and to the decision of the UEFA Executive Committee from November 10, to accept artificial turf for its competitions as of the season 2005/06, both FIFA and UEFA are pleased to further inform about their collaboration in the area of artificial turf, which unifies the standards, testing methods and testing criteria into a common approach for artificial turf.  Specifically, this collaboration has produced the following:

  • A single artificial turf testing manual, including all procedures for laboratory- and field-tests and the respective criteria, will be published in spring 2005.  The manual will be publicly available on both FIFA and UEFA websites, and will be published under the name of FIFA
  • Unification of standard test methods and testing criteria
  • Unification and reinforced accreditation of laboratory and field test-institutes, where the certification according to ISO 17025 will become a requirement
  • Joint-funding of medical research into the biomechanical and dermatological effects of artificial turf on players.  This research will commence early in 2005
  • The FIFA RECOMMENDED 2 STAR standard would be the relevant quality standard for all UEFA top competitions, including the Qualification for the European Football Championship, the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Cup.

For additional information please contact:

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