FIFA ensuring a level playing field for all

FIFA have introduced the FIFA Preferred Producer initiative, a concept aimed at ensuring a consistently high quality of football turf (artificial turf) around the world by offering a number of football turf manufacturers worldwide the opportunity to be classed as "FIFA Preferred Producers".

On the back of a significant increase in demand for football turf surfaces and the growing acceptance of the FIFA RECOMMENDED concept (FIFA Quality Concept for Football Turf and its FIFA RECOMMENDED quality marks), the FIFA Preferred Producer concept is a further step in improving the delivery of football turf to the end consumer.

"As the game's worldwide governing body we have a responsibility to support any move to improve football equipment," said FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter. "The FIFA Preferred Producer concept is a significant step in driving forward the quality of football pitches on a global level."

The scheme will protect the interests of consumers when purchasing pitches as well as ensuring that football turf fields globally meet FIFA requirements in terms of quality, performance and safety standards.

In order for football turf providers to be classed as FIFA Quality Turf Preferred Producers they must adhere to a number of stringent criteria. Firstly, the companies must extend their services beyond the traditional supplier role by continually working on improving the quality of their product. They must also be experienced manufacturers of football turf and established FIFA Quality Concept Licensees as well as demonstrating expertise in civil engineering, project management and maintenance, which is necessary for the successful inception and completion of all football turf projects and quality playing fields.