FIFA Quality Concept for Football Turf - Advice to public tenders

FIFA only RECOMMEND/Certify the end installation (the field). This is only done once the product has passed the FIFA laboratory test and the identical product is installed in a field. Only when the field is tested by a FIFA accredited test institute and successfully has met the standards do FIFA certify the field. This would either be the FIFA RECOMMENDED 1 STAR or FIFA RECOMMENDED 2 STAR.

What is best the FIFA RECOMMENDED: 1 or 2 STAR ?
Actually the key difference is that the FIFA RECOMMENDED 1 STAR is aimed for community and local football, whereas the FIFA RECOMMENDED 2 STAR is aimed for professional football and stadia. This is based on the football playing characteristics between the professional and community game.

For the purpose of clarification, FIFA do not recommend or endorse the laboratory product or products (e.g. heating systems or drainage pipes) that make up the composition.

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