FIFA training session for goal-line technology test institutes

Due to the expansion of goal-line technology and its increasing demand among tournament organisers for use in competitive matches, FIFA conducted its first training session in May 2013 for test institutes that are looking to obtain accreditation for final installation tests.

The Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (EMPA) is currently the only FIFA-accredited test institute that is certified to test both the GLT system and the installed technology in the stadium. In order to respond to the demand for more final installation tests – a test that is carried out for every system that has been installed in a given stadium to ensure that it has been correctly installed and calibrated – FIFA held a training session in Amsterdam in May 2013 attended by three test institutes, who are now set to be accredited for carrying out final installation tests.

The two-day training session consisted of demonstrations, explanations and discussions by FIFA and EMPA on the first day, followed by evaluation on the second day, during which each test institute had to perform all the tests required for a final installation test in accordance with the FIFA GLT Testing Manual 2012 using not only their technicians but also their own testing kit.

As a result of the training session, three test institutes – Kiwa ISA Sport, Labosport UK Ltd and Sports Labs Ltd – are now awaiting their final accreditation following successful demonstration of the testing equipment and procedure by their technicians.

FIFA is aiming to offer two such training sessions every year to enable further interested test institutes to gain accreditation. As well as the need to possess the testing equipment, further minimum requirements (such as valid ISO 17025 accreditation) apply. For further information, please contact