FIFA/FIFPro discuss way forward

Last week at the Home of FIFA a meeting was held to define the next steps of Football Turf development. The aim of the meeting was to devise new test methods and protocol in the area of biomechanics and physiology for elite players.

FIFA have taken the lead to set new goals and targets for the industry to ensure better playing performance. A range of experts from the field of biomechanics and physiology were there to present their research and ideas for the future.

FIFPro were also present and were represented by Tijs Tummers and Gernot Zirngast as the development of football turf is an important topic for their members.

Nigel Fletcher (FIFA) kicked off the meeting by presenting the current research and successes to date. This included benefits for club and community development, youth development, technical development and the positive findings regarding players and coaches experience.

FIFA re-iterated the need for more fields at both community and professional level to be field tested to the FIFA RECOMMENDED Standards to ensure the constant safety and performance characteristics for the players.

The issue of maintenance of the football turf field was also discussed. FIFA re-iterated its desire that more needs to be done in this area and that all organisations included in the decision of installing Football Turf need to take responsibility.