France score first World Cup goal to be awarded with the support of GLT

Goal-line technology (GLT) proved to be a support for referee Sandro Ricci for France's second goal in their 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ Group E match against Honduras in Porto Alegre.

The GLT animation provided viewers additional support as the TV images were not conclusive in showing whether it was a goal or not.

Further information is provided here to help fans understand GLT animated replays and in particular, in this instance, to explain why the “no goal” replay was shown prior to the second replay airing immediately afterwards to confirm the goal.

In general, GLT animated replays may be shown when the ball is within 30cm of the goal line on the pitch side of the goal line, as well as when the ball crosses the line.

Animations of goals and goal-line incidents that are being provided by the GLT provider, in this case GoalControl GmbH, can be used by the Match Director of the broadcast production team.

For France's second goal, a specific situation occurred where the ball hit the inside of the post, rebounded away from the goal before hitting the goalkeeper and rolling back towards the goal and across the goal-line.

The first replay that was used showed the ball hitting the inside of the post and not fully crossing the line, before the next replay aired seconds later with the animation confirming the ball had fully crossed the line after it had hit the goalkeeper.

FIFA understands that some fans are seeing GLT animated replays for the first time. In order to ensure maximum clarity in the future for those unfamiliar with GLT, FIFA will review the coverage of this match with the broadcast production team and GoalControl GmbH, to see if any improvements can be made to enhance the viewing experience for fans.