Goal-line technology has arrived in football

Since the FIFA Club World Cup Japan 2012, during which goal-line technology was officially used in association football for the first time, many tournament organisers and leagues have taken an interest in the topic and are in the process of evaluating the use of this new technology. The number of matches being played with goal-line technology in 2013 is therefore sharply on the rise.

Following the successful tournament in 2012, FIFA decided to implement the technology at its major tournaments: the FIFA Confederations Cup 2013, where the camera-based GoalControl system was used in all six stadiums in Brazil, has just come to an end. In addition, the English Premier League has become the first national competition to vote in favour of introducing goal-line technology from the 2013/14 season onwards and is currently working on the implementation of the Hawk-Eye system.

But, while the English Premier League will doubtlessly catch the attention of most, the first official use of goal-line technology in Europe was in fact in May 2013 at the Copa Amsterdam, a youth tournament played at the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam. The GoalRef system was used in all matches to ensure that all goals were indicated correctly and to support the referee with close calls. And last but not least, the Dutch Football Association (KNVB) has decided to evaluate goal-line technology by using the camera-based Hawk-Eye system in decisive matches such as play-offs and important cup ties over the next two seasons.

So while there are still plenty of games to look forward to in 2013, we should remember that goal-line technology will be used in the FIFA World Cup™ for the first time in next year’s edition in Brazil.