New heat and maintenance requirements as of 2014

At the IAKS Congress for the Design, Construction, Modernization and Management of Sports and Leisure Facilities in Cologne on 22 October, FIFA held a two-hour forum on the topic of football turf in order to present the latest research findings relating to heat and maintenance.

The new requirements, which will come into force together with the testing manual in 2014, were unveiled at the well-attended event in order to give the industry the opportunity to immediately develop their products in line with them ahead of their introduction. The results of both studies will also be published on shortly.

The FIFA forum also featured a podium discussion with Conny Pohlers (German Football Association) and Mark Pover (The Football Association), two people who have a wide range of experience in the world of football turf. According to Pohlers, a former German international who is currently playing in the Women’s Bundesliga, research into heat and skin abrasions is of particular importance, which shows that the studies currently being conducted by the FIFA Quality Programme are in line with the players’ needs.

Pover, meanwhile, spoke about the benefits of artificial turf pitches and about just how important they are for amateur and leisure players, stressing that in towns and cities with precious little space or green areas, artificial turf pitches are vital, especially in terms of giving children and youngsters the opportunity to play sport.