New turf gets the all-clear

In an exhaustive study performed by three renowned Swedish scientists, the conclusion was finally reached that there is no increase in potential for injury on third-generation artificial turf surfaces as compared to natural grass. 

When looking at first and second-generation artificial surfaces, the results show a dramatic increase in the safety afforded top-level footballers when using artificial pitches.
Examining the testimony of 290 players from ten elite Europeans clubs that used third-generation turf surfaces in 2003 and 2004 as well as 202 players from the Swedish Premier League, the evidence was clear: the new artificial turf poses no more of an injury risk than natural grass.
The two-cohort study incorporated the comparison of injuries sustained on the new turf surfaces and those sustained on natural grass. The only cause for concern in the study was a slightly higher rate of ankle sprains sustained on the artificial turf, but even that injury was only seen in small numbers.
In all, the results returned by the study point to a positive future for artificial turf on Planet Football. Read all the results and get all the details of the two-cohort study report by  clicking here .