Regional seminars cover turf care techniques

FIFA continues to work closely with its member associations to install Football Turf pitches across the globe, enabling more people to have access to the game no matter the climate or conditions.

Over 300 of these pitches have been installed to date, but the work does not stop there. Each Football Turf requires careful upkeep to safeguard its longevity and ensure a good playing performance, which is why FIFA organises maintenance seminars on a regular basis. Two such regional seminars were recently held in Bahrain and Lebanon while two more are due to take place in Kenya and Singapore later in the year.

The seminars, attended by grounds staff and facility managers from the Member Associations, consist of theoretical sessions lasting one and a half days as well as a half-day practical session. FIFA consultants who are experts in Football Turf take the lead and touch on a wide range of topics with regard to maintenance, including best practice techniques, equipment, management and finance. A crucial component is the interactive session where participants share their experiences and challenges when it comes to Football Turf maintenance. The seminars end with a short examination followed by the presentation of certificates.

In recent years there have been extensive changes and advancements in the area of Football Turf. The FIFA Quality Programme was introduced in 2001 and has set the standards that the industry must meet if they are to install a FIFA RECOMMENDED field. These standards focus on the well-being of the player and the playing performance of the surfaces used. With an extensive research network of universities and test institutes, FIFA develops test criteria that reflect player/surface and ball/surface interaction. Those requirements are continuously updated every 2-3 years with new and/or improved test methods.