Successful meeting of licensees

Another important step towards further developing the quality of footballs was taken at the annual meeting of licensees of the FIFA Quality Programme for Footballs at ISPO in Munich.

The licensees teamed up with research institutes and universities to launch a competence initiative to improve the quality of footballs as well as their influence on the game.

Initial results of the studies commenced over the past year were also presented at the meeting:

  • The Player Perception Study, carried out with the University of Loughborough and FIFPro, which is designed to identify the playing characteristics of footballs that professional footballers believe are the most important 
  • An analysis of the results of ball tests from the past 16 years by EMPA (Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology) to gain new insights for the quality assurance and technological development of footballs
  • The influence of unequal mass distribution on the behaviour of the ball, also conducted by EMPA

As a result of these insights and the productive discussions that took place at the licensee meeting, a working group of licensees, research institutes, universities and FIFA has been formed to focus on managing and further developing quality criteria for footballs under the “Quality for your Game” banner.

The working group will meet regularly to discuss specific issues and results of research as well as to analyse the extent to which these could affect the quality of balls.