Updated goal-line technology testing manual published

When goal-line technology was introduced into the Laws of the Game in June 2012, following ratification by the International Football Association Board (IFAB), the first edition of the testing manual was also launched.

Almost two years on, the IFAB has now approved an updated version of the testing manual based on the experience gained in the more than 20 months since the introduction of goal-line technology. The major change in the 2014 testing manual is the accuracy requirement, which has shifted from +/- 3cm to +/- 1.5cm. This means that in order to be certified as of the effective date of this new manual, all installed systems may not exceed the tolerance of 15mm between the ball physically crossing the line and the position measured by the goal-line technology system.

In addition, the testing procedure has been updated and, whenever possible, simplified based on the results of over 30 final installation tests that have been carried out. Details of these test updates can be found in the new 2014 Goal-Line Technology Testing Manual.

As always within the FIFA Quality Programme, there will be a transition period of six months during which the new testing manual will already be in effect but the old (2012 version) may still be used. This transition period will end on 30 September 2014. Any goal-line technology systems installed prior to 1 April 2014 and tested according to the 2012 manual can be retested according to this manual for the duration of its use. The provider and tournament organiser may, however, also agree to conduct the test according to the new procedure.