Football Technology

FIFA launches world’s first Quality Programme for Futsal Floor Surfaces

Find out more FIFA launches world’s first Quality Programme for Futsal Floor Surfaces


Video Assistant Referee

Video Assistant Referee technology is currently being tested by FIFA and the IFAB. Three main (plus one administrative) incidents have been identified as game-changing.

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Electronic Performance & Tracking Systems

Electronic performance and tracking systems (EPTS), which include camera-based and wearable technologies, are used to control and improve player and team performance.

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Goal-line technology

Goal-line technology has to date been installed on four continents and has provided technical support to the officials in a number of tournaments ever since its introduction in 2012.

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The FIFA Quality Programme for Footballs was introduced in 1996 to harmonise and improve the quality of the ball. Constant developments aim at further meeting the demands of the game.

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Football turf

Football turf allows millions to play football in areas where preparing quality natural turf pitches is challenging. The surface is more resistant to climatic conditions and allows more frequent use.

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Wearable EPTS

Wearable Electronic Performance and Tracking Systems were introduced into the Laws of the Game in 2015. The Quality Programme sets minimum requirements for these devices.

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