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The Innovation Blog provides an insight into the technology developments and quality standards in football but also highlights how other sports manage technology.

06 July 2020

Help FIFA improve understanding of the game through research

The FIFA 2.0 Vision outlines FIFA’s objectives for the development of football and the football experience over the next years. One of the pillars of this strategy is leveraging technology and generating knowledge that will help to improve the game of football at all levels.

22 June 2020

FIFA engages with players to further the development of playing surfaces

Playing surfaces are a key element for players to perform to the best of their ability, hence FIFA used the FIFA U-17 World Cup Brazil 2019™ to conduct a comprehensive survey of all participating teams.

03 June 2020

Your chance to improve the game by studying ball-surface interactions with FIFA

The manufacturing of footballs has evolved immensely in the last decade with thermal bonding, new panel shapes and innovative materials being seen more and more regularly.

18 May 2020

VAR “light” systems tested at the second test event

The KNVB Campus hosted a two-day VAR technology test event on 4-5 March 2020 under the umbrella of FIFA and its new working group for innovation excellence.

25 February 2020

A look towards the future

FIFA used the FIFA Club World Cup Qatar 2019™ as the first testing event of new technology on the road map to 2022/23, which was also the first official showcase event for members of the Working Group of Innovation Excellence. The working group consists of participants from 13 competition organisers from around the world.

17 February 2020

Request for proposals: New Test Method for player-surface interaction

With more 10’000 Football Turf fields tested and certified around the world, the FIFA Quality Programme has a huge impact on the development of football. 

04 February 2020

The Topical Collection on Football Research

FIFA is collaborating with the International Sport Engineering Association (ISEA) to launch a special collection of peer reviewed research within the Sport Engineering Journal. In 2016 the FIFA 2.0 strategy was published, the vision to the future, this saw a seismic shift in the approach from FIFA towards technology and innovation. 

19 November 2019

FIFA publishes first performance reports on EPTS

With the list of applications for player tracking data growing, the accuracy and reliability of this data is more important than ever.

06 November 2019

A glance at the future: FIFA discusses sustainability of Football Turf and for the first time, hosts a test area at the FSB

The International Trade Fair for Amenity Areas, Sports and Pool Facilities (FSB) currently takes place in Cologne. 

21 October 2019

The Application of Technology: Video Assistant Referee (VAR)

VAR has become a staple in the football world with many competitions and leagues using the technology in 2019. Thus far, five new countries have been approved through the IAAP process by The IFAB and FIFA in 2019 to use the technology. This video summarizes the basics of VAR.