“Bringing science to the field of play”

FIFA Engaging with Leading Sports Engineers at the 2018 ISEA Conference.

The Football Technology Innovation Department was a key sponsor to the International Sports Engineering Associations 2018 conference showing its commitment to research in football.

In FIFA’s continued efforts to use scientific evidence to support and advise any decisions made around the changes to the Laws of the Game, the Football Technology Innovation Department used the opportunity at the ISEA 2018 conference, hosted by Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia to engage with almost 200 stakeholders from the sports engineering community.

By sharing the sport’s vision and pinpointing research priorities, FIFA addressed a global network of research institutes by offering a half-day workshop to reflect on some of the pressing questions in football: the ideal playing surface, big data in football and the future of wearables and data collection. Further engagement saw a keynote delivered to demonstrate some of the previous work done on validating tracking systems and challenges of virtual offside lines for Video Assistant Referee (VAR). A number of research projects supported by FIFA were furthermore presented in papers or posters over the course of the four-day conference.

FIFA at ISEA 2018 should be the start of a much closer cooperation between football and the sporting world on one hand and the scientific research community on the other. The challenge for both sides is to better understand the needs and functioning mechanisms of the other and the emphasis should be on making as much out of the research as possible creating a win-win situation for both sides.