EPTS Testing Event 2020

For the recently-launched FIFA Quality Programme for Electronic Performance Tracking Systems (EPTS), FIFA invites all interested EPTS providers to participate in the next testing & certification event in late 2020.

EPTS providers who are interested in certifying their systems to the FIFA standard for EPTS must test their systems at one of FIFA’s testing events. The next test event for this will be organised by FIFA from and is scheduled to take place in late 2020. The exact dates are yet to be confirmed but provisional planning is in place for one in September or October 2020.

To participate at the testing event, EPTS providers are asked to submit their application documents to FIFA (quality@fifa.org). Further information will be shared with interested parties/participants upon registration.

About the EPTS Testing Event

The EPTS testing event offers providers the opportunity to have the accuracy of their systems tested against a gold standard motion capture system. The results are collected in a stadium environment, representative of real life use, and allow an insight into the accuracies of the various systems available on the market. FIFA will organise at least one testing event per year and all certified systems will be published on the FIFA website along with licensed providers.