FIFA Quality Programme for EPTS

The FIFA Quality Programme for EPTS devices was initially launched for wearable tracking systems in 2017 with the aim of ensuring that such devices do not pose a danger to the players.

The test criteria were developed following medical and mechanical research and a test protocol reflecting possible injury scenarios that should be avoided. In 2019, the FIFA Quality Programme for EPTS was extended beyond safety tests to include performance tests for both optical and wearable devices, giving systems the chance to receive the ‘FIFA Quality’ mark. This introduction was made in an effort to provide the end user with more information about the system they are using or intending to use. Providers that have been tested are listed on our website with a publicly available test report which describes, using a ranking system, the accuracy of the system’s positioning and velocity data in different velocity brackets.

This information serves as a guide for those that want to test their devices to either the FIFA Basic standard (previously known as the International Match Standard - IMS) or the FIFA Quality standard. For more information about how to become a licensee, the test methods for the systems, and the next test dates, please have a look at the related content below: