How to become a Futsal Surface Licensee

As part of the commitment to top-quality futsal playing surfaces, the FIFA Quality Programme includes a licensing scheme for companies that are eligible to obtain certification for their final installations. Please read on for an overview of the application process for futsal floor surfaces as well as the application guide.

To become a Futsal Surface Licensee, new applicants need to follow the four-step application process to demonstrate that they are in line with the quality aspirations of the FIFA Quality Programme.

External reports, such as the World Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry (WFSGI) Pledge or FIFA test reports, need to be submitted to FIFA by the independent third party (WFSGI, test institute) that performs the required testing.

All reports need to be submitted in electronic form. Once FIFA has reviewed the documents and is satisfied with the results, a contract will be offered to the applicant during a final meeting.

Certification Process

For a futsal floor surface to be certified, each installation has to pass a two-part testing process. In a laboratory test, the manufacturer’s product is tested to identify the components of the product and validate that it meets the performance and safety criteria. If a product is successfully tested, the producer receives a FIFA laboratory test report for its product. This report demonstrates that a surface is compliant with the requirements of the FIFA Quality Programme for Futsal Surfaces but does not qualify the product as a FIFA-certified futsal surface. Only futsal surfaces that also pass the on-site test will be certified under the FIFA Quality Programme and be awarded the FIFA Quality mark. This on-site test can be organised through the manufacturer or the end user by contacting one of the FIFA - accredited futsal floor laboratories.

Application Guide

For more information about the application process, including the FIFA laboratory and field test reports and the WFSGI Pledge Process, please have a look at the document below: