Introducing the FIFA Innovation Programme

FIFA’s new solution-driven innovation platform. The FIFA Innovation Programme is FIFA’s vehicle for dealing with innovative products that enter the market but are not ready or currently eligible for use in the game of football.

These could be completely new products brought to market by start-ups or new variations of existing products that do not meet established standards and requirements due to their innovative nature. To be considered, any product must specifically address one of the challenges outlined within the FIFA Innovation Programme. Capped at a two-year period per project, the programme has a transparent and uniform process whereby the product not only has to meet a concrete need set out by FIFA but, unlike many other innovation platforms, must also fulfil a clear objective within the designated period by following an agreed path.

To become part of the FIFA Innovation Programme, any applicant must follow the process below and meet all of the criteria at the time of submitting the initial information:

  1. The product must exist in at least a prototype form that can be demonstrated physically or virtually.
  2. The proposed product must address one of the challenges set out in the FIFA Innovation Programme.
  3. The applicant must present a viable supporting competition organiser willing to host (experimental) trials using the product in question.
  4. The applicant must propose a plan on how controlled trials and monitored experiments can be run and how independent assessment will allow for validation.
  5. The applicant must have a clear timeline in mind that does not exceed two years and bear all costs in relation to points 1-4.

Upon the submission of proposals, FIFA will assess their merit and perform due diligence. If the outcome of this process is positive, FIFA and the applicant will sign an agreement making the company a member of the Innovation Programme under the terms of a jointly agreed project plan. The objective of this project plan must always be related to the product’s future eligibility for in-game use (acceptance in a FIFA Quality Programme or under relevant regulations).

The executive summary of the project as well as key results are to be made public on the website of the FIFA Innovation Programme for the duration and following the applicant’s membership.